This is a short story about me. 

So far there hasn’t been a job description that fits perfectly with the work that I do. This is because, I guess, what I do and who I am are so intertwined that I can’t squeeze that into a title. Therefore, taking a look at my work and archive might help if you want to get to know me better.

Words that describe me and my work:
Public and Keynote speaker, Trendwatcher, Opportunist, expert on Youth Participation, Concept Developer, Intersectional Environmentalist.

What people say.

*acts super surprised:

"Wow! You're actually pretty funny!"

— My dear collegue and friend Mert Kumru 

Kind yet fierce when it comes to global justice, Eefke is a perfect match with Dr. Monk. Her antennas pick up any signal of the emerging brave new world. Her notebook with world-changing concepts gets filled every day.

—  Ama van Dantzig & Lynn Zebeda, Dr. Monk.

Two of the most important mentors in my life and work.

Her wisdom, calmness and positive attitude had a lasting impact on the project, the children and her fellow volunteers. It was a pleasure to get to know her and be part of the team which she so ably led. I hold her in the greatest admiration and respect.

—  Lisa Caruso, - Los Angeles
As we worked in a Greek refugee camp.

Everyone drew energy and happiness from Eefke’s love for serving and working. Despite all the difficulties she faced, she never lost sight of the ultimate goal: making the refugees’ lives better, no matter what. Even across cultures, she was amiable: laughing, talking, being friends with them after just a few days of working together. I can’t say enough about Eefke; the fact that she is a university student and has already had all of this leadership experience is incredible. I cannot wait to see what she does with the rest of her life and career.

—  Lauren Chan, San Francisco
While working together in Greece on Humanitarian Aid

Your kindness and courage, your enquiring mind and social conscience are surely the qualities for a very successful future.

—  Cate Sutton, Australia

Who I met walking the Camino Frances

An Environmentalist working on the most urging challenges of our time for both the protection of the people and the planet.

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