Public and Keynote speaker, expert on Youth Power and Participation, Concept Developer, Intersectional Environmentalist, Climate Justice, Trendwatcher, Intergenerational Collaboration and stories of Impact.


This is a short story about me. 

So far there hasn’t been a job description that fits perfectly with the work that I do. This is because, I guess, what I do and who I am are so intertwined that I can’t squeeze that into a title. Therefore, taking a look at my work and archive might help if you want to get to know me better. If you are looking for a biography written in the third person, here you go.

Eefke van de Wouw is a Dutch Environmentalist, primarily known for her efforts for young and future generations. She traveled throughout the Netherlands to international UN conferences for 2 years as a UN Youth Representative on Sustainable Development. Her job was to make sure the younger generation had a voice at the international climate negotiation tables and therefore a say about their future. A voice that was heard loud and clear echoing through the streets during the global climate strikes, where Eefke was also present as a fellow activist. One month after Greta Thunberg’s first school strike she started her mandate in the eye of the storm. The epicenter of world leaders and diplomats, climate scientists and the youth movement.


Eefke clearly states the urgency of the challenge we face without losing hope. She tells the stories of the brave new world and the power of the younger generation with heartfelt passion. Her stories are an invitation to the audience to not trip over the challenges of our time but become part of the solutions and possibilities.


Even after her mandate as Youth Representative Eefke continues to work on the most urgent matters of our time for both the protection of the people and the planet. After years of participating in the political and activist part of the transition she decided to shift her focus to the inner transition. Doesn’t a better world start with us? Isn’t the core of the problem located within us? And therefore the solution? Among this she walked more than 500km throughout the Netherlands to get youth to spend more time outside. With this project she was raising awareness about our changing relation between humans and nature in the Western world. 

What people say.

*acts super surprised:

"Wow! You're actually pretty funny!"

— My dear collegue and friend Mert Kumru 

Kind yet fierce when it comes to global justice, Eefke is a perfect match with Dr. Monk. Her antennas pick up any signal of the emerging brave new world. Her notebook with world-changing concepts gets filled every day.

—  Ama van Dantzig & Lynn Zebeda, Dr. Monk.

Two of the most important mentors in my life and work.

Her wisdom, calmness and positive attitude had a lasting impact on the project, the children and her fellow volunteers. It was a pleasure to get to know her and be part of the team which she so ably led. I hold her in the greatest admiration and respect.

—  Lisa Caruso, - Los Angeles
As we worked in a Greek refugee camp.

Everyone drew energy and happiness from Eefke’s love for serving and working. Despite all the difficulties she faced, she never lost sight of the ultimate goal: making the refugees’ lives better, no matter what. Even across cultures, she was amiable: laughing, talking, being friends with them after just a few days of working together. I can’t say enough about Eefke; the fact that she is a university student and has already had all of this leadership experience is incredible. I cannot wait to see what she does with the rest of her life and career.

—  Lauren Chan, San Francisco
While working together in Greece on Humanitarian Aid

Your kindness and courage, your enquiring mind and social conscience are surely the qualities for a very successful future.

—  Cate Sutton, Australia

Who I met walking the Camino Frances

'Having had the privilege of working together with Eefke for two years has shown me how she both possesses the empathy and openness that the world so desperately needs today while at the same time maintaining her fierce and driven energy.'

— Hajar Yagkoubi, former UN Youth Representative on Human Rights and Security